Konferenzen zum Thema Agiles & Lean Management

Ich habe mir einmal die Mühe gemacht, eine Auflistung der nächsten größeren Veranstaltungen zum Thema agile Softwareentwicklung und Leanmanagement zu machen. Wenn ich einen wichtigen Termin vergessen haben sollte, dann erweitern Sie die Liste gerne durch einen Kommentar.

Agile2009 | Chicago, USA | 24. bis 28. August 2009

Agile 2009 will be an exciting international conference about techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research and first-hand experience, from both the management and technical sides of agile software development. Website: www.agile2009.org

Agile Open 2009| Baarn, Holland | 10. bis 11. September 2009

Agile Open is a two day not for profit conference, meant for anyone with some degree of experience with an agile way of working. It is designed to allow agile practitioners to meet in self-organizing groups where they can share their latest ideas and challenges, hopes and wishes, experiences and experiments. Website: www.agileopen.net

Agile China 2009| Beijing, China | 11. bis 12. September 2009

Agile China 2009 will be a two-day and one-evening conference with more than 20 sessions. There will be rich topics in Agile practice and adoption, Agile tools application, Agile team and project management, Agile education and training, etc. With a theme of “Pragmatic Agile”, the conference will invite speakers not only from Agile consulting companies, but also from Agile practice companies, including five or more international speakers. Website: www.agilechina.net

Agileee | Kyiv, Ukraine | 18. bis 19. September 2009

Our mission is to setup a collaborative environment for professionals in the Software Development domain to share their experience on applying Agile practices and techniques that foster efficiency. The conference is to bring together specialists from the Eastern European countries who are interested to learn from each other’s experience in adopting Agile since we have a lot in common due to our economical and geopolitical situation. Website: www.agileee.org

UK Lean Conferece | London, UK | 27. bis 29. September 2009

The Lean and Kanban 2009 event was created to drive further progress in software development by providing a unique opportunity to share best practices and innovation within the growing community of software engineers, managers, and executives adopting Lean and Kanban systems. Website: www.ukleanconference.com

Ágiles 2009 | Florianopolis, Brasilien | 6. bis 9. Oktober 2009

Ágiles 2009, 2nd Latin-American Conference on Agile Development Methodologies aims to be a meeting point for IT professionals in the region interested in sharing their experiences, discussing and learning on software development-related topics using agile methodologies. Website: www.agiles2009.org

Agile Testing Days | Berlin | 12. bis 14. Oktober 2009

The Agile Testing Days are the European conference for the worldwide professionals involved in the agile world. Website: www.agiletestingdays.com

Agile Australia 2009 | Sydney, Australien | 15. bis 16. Oktober 2009

Agile Australia 2009 will be an exciting conference focussing on how enterprises can embrace an agile approach. Attend Agile Australia 2009 to discuss issues around agile in the enterprise – governance, culture, people, organisation and process. Understand the latest thinking through the exchange of ideas, strategies and first hand experiences. Website: www.agileaustralia2009.com

Scrum Gathering 2009 | München | 19. bis 21. Oktober 2009

Keynote speakers include Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and Mike Cohn. Website: www.scrumalliance.org

Smidig 2009 | Oslo, Norwegen | 22. bis 23. Oktober 2009

Website: www.smidig2009.no (nur norwegisch)

Agile Tour 2009 | 1. bis 29. Oktober 2009

This unique event, which combined local networking with a fun way to learn about agile, was highly appreciated and will therefore be extended another year. In addition, we’re offering the event to more cities–this is your chance to bring the event to your city, and to be part of this new form of communication, called ‘Mass Communication’, which demonstrates how the Agile are able to mobilize to change their way of working. Website: www.agiletour.org

Autor: Robert Wiechmann

Robert Wiechmann arbeitet als Agiler Projektmanager vorrangig in der Rolle als Scrum Master und Kanban Coach. Zu seiner Leidenschaft zählen die Arbeit mit Menschen, insbesondere der Aufbau von produktiven Agilen Teams und die praktische Anwendung von Agilen Softwareentwicklungsmethoden. Zusammen mit Sven Röpstorff verfasste er das Buch Scrum in der Praxis.

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